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NantWorks is a convergence of next generation machine vision, object and voice recognition technologies, ultra-low power semiconductors, supercomputing, and advanced networks for the purpose of bringing the digital revolution to healthcare, commerce and digital entertainment to an entirely new level.

We are fast entering a new age. A worldwide shift as significant as any in history. We call it The Cognitive Age. Combining the collective promise of science, technology and communication. And then making it accessible to all people.

Beyond just how we think, communicate or make. The Cognitive Age will usher in a new way of living. Not just about data, but how we use it. Not just about what we can find…

But what we can know.

And then applying it, in real time.

The Cognitive Age is already affecting a wide array of industries. Everything from politics to economics to travel.

Applied to the human condition, The Cognitive Age will also see a significant change in health care and, in particular, the treatment of disease. Our experience of this shift will happen both with our senses and through the connected devices that we now use seamlessly for personal and global understanding.

This is where truly dramatic changes will be felt, at a very human level.

No company is better positioned to lead these advancements than NantWorks. It is our single mission to deliver on the true promise of The Cognitive Age.

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